My poezio setup (DRAFT)

I use mosh and tmux to run poezio remotly. Using some hackish scripts to get local notifications and based on screenlock set XMPP status.

I run multiple instances of Poezio (work/private). You can specify config file with -f please use seperate fifo files (and add the relevant commands to the status/notification scripts)


Install dependencies (Debian Jessie)

apt-get install python3-virtualenv libidn11-dev python3-venv libpython3-dev python3-virtualenv libidn11-dev autossh

Clone Poezio repo

git clone git:// 

Use python venv to get dependencies and run Poezio

 cd poezio

You can use my config as a baseline for yours (make sure to align fifo’s you need 2 pr running Poezio, one for notifications and one for remote commands):


Notifications and status

To get notifications on your local machine you need these scripts locally:

Run to get notifications with libnotify locally using autossh

run to check on running screenlock and set remote status using ssh

( does not validate any commands given to it, and should be considered insecure!)


on remote host (i use cron) to check status file set by and set status in poezio via the fifo


To change colours you can define a theme. I use different themes on my 2 running instances of poezio. Place your theme file here:


Use command /theme TinkyWinky to change theme

More info in poezio/src/